Thrive Leads Review: Turn Your Website into a Beautiful Conversion Machine

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Thrive Leads Review: No matter the kind of online business you are running, building your email list is the key to growing your business. However, optimizing a website in order to grow the email list is not easy. It requires using the right tools, which without, it can be a daunting and time consuming task. While there is a good number of effective list building plugins, Thrive Leads plugin from is perhaps the most powerful tool available in the market.

Thrive Leads Review

For those looking to boost their site’s performance, Thrive Leads might just be the right lead generation tool for you. It comes packed with a dozen of fantastic and very effective features that can significantly boost your email list and in turn, increase sales of your products or services. Therefore, in this Thrive Leads Review, I’ll take a look at some of the great features that I believe make this plugin stand out including some of its cons. All this is in a bid to help you make a more informed decision. So, let’s get started.

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Thrive Leads Review: Key Tools and Features

Drag and Drop Editor

Growing your email list starts with creating an enticing opt-in that brings out the look, feel and level of professionalism of your entire site. The focus here is not on aesthetic beauty but rather on designing an opt-in that effectively converts visitors to subscribers. Unlike any other lead generation tool, Thrive Leads has done exceptionally well in making it easy for you to design or customize your opt-in form.

Thrive Leads drag & drop editor makes it easy to create stunning designs and fully customize them to match your brands image. Furthermore, the drag & drop builder comes with loads of professionally designed templates which you can use or customize as you see fit. To be honest, Thrive comes with some striking forms, perhaps the best I have seen in a list building plugin.


SmartLinks is another great feature that I believe you will find very interesting and very useful in terms of building your mailing list and maintaining your existing subscribers. But what’s so interesting about SmartLinks anyway? Well, first and foremost, SmartLinks allows you to control the kind of content you wish to display based on the types of users on your site. This simply means that you can display different content to different users.

So, instead of having to disturb your existing subscribers with subscription offers that they have already signed up for, you can hide such content from them and allow them to enjoy a distraction-free browsing. The subscription offer will appear only to new visitors.

In addition to this, Smartlink also allows you to make certain special offers available only to your subscribers. This is an important feature because you might have a discount, promotion or even a limited edition product that you want to offer only to your subscribers. With Smartlinks you can make this possible and your subscribers will feel special when they know they have unique access to your offers. Therefore, Smartlink is a great feature which I believe it can help in building trust and a stronger connection with your most valuable subscribers as well as loyal visitors and in turn, increase sales of your product.

Advanced A/B Testing

When it comes to conversion optimization, there is nothing more important than running A/B tests to determine what works best on your site. In my opinion, Thrive Leads A/B testing tool is simply the best compared to that of other plugins. It is a must have for any ecommerce looking to grow their list or increase their conversion rates.

Thrive Leads A/B testing tool offers more testing possibilities as well as better metrics than any other plugin. You can set up and test two or more variations of your opt-in forms in a matter of minutes. And that’s not all. The plugin comes with an “automatic winner” feature which automatically monitors the performance of each variation while you run other errands.

Once the test is over, the plugin checks the statistics, selects the winning variation and hides all the other losing variations automatically. In other words, Thriveleads removes the burden of you having to set and monitor your tests allowing you to focus on other issues while your conversion rate is automatically taken care of. See more Thrive Themes Review

Advanced Trigger Options

Showing your opt-in at the right time is vital to increasing the number of subscribers to your list. Thrive leads makes it easy for you to determine the precise time that resonates best with your website visitors. Its advanced trigger feature offers 4 different options of serving up an opt-in form.

You can show your opt-in form immediately the user decides to leave your website, instantly or after a certain amount of time, when a user scrolls to a specific part of your content, or when a visitor clicks an element in your content. The best part is that you can test all these different options and determine the one that produces your desired outcome.

All in all, ThriveLeads advanced trigger options is a great feature as it gives you the opportunity to add opt-in forms in strategic locations on your website which makes it easy for users to subscribe to your email list.

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Thrive Leads Review: List of All Features

  • Customizable Forms
  • Conversion Focused Design
  • SmartLinks
  • Advanced A/B Testing
  • Best-in-Business Reporting Suite
  • Exit Intent & SmartExit
  • Advanced Trigger Options
  • Precise Targeting
  • Animations

ThriveLeads Review: Cons

As the saying goes, nothing is perfect and Thrive Leads is no exception. While the functionality and performance is excellent, usability is a bit wanting, specifically the form editor. It will take you some time to figure out what all the buttons are for, and to locate the options you want. In short, it needs some improvement as far as usability is concerned.

The Bottom Line

Despite the minor setback, you can expect great success with Thrive Leads. Each of its features has an important role in optimizing your opt-in for increased conversions. The setup is straightforward hence quick to implement and operate. Overall, it’s the best plugin in the market and I would recommend it if you are looking for the ultimate conversion tool to build and grow your email lists.

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