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Big bucks deals – free!

“Giveaway? You mean, like… FREE? As in, I don’t have to pay anything?”
“Yes, that’s what we mean. It’s a giveaway. We are giving stuff away. You don’t have to part with any money at all. That’s what giveaway means.”
“There’s got to be a trick to it, though. I have to promise to buy something. Enroll in something. Commit to something.”
“Nope. It wouldn’t be a giveaway then, would it? All you have to do is send us your email address. When the contest ends, we’ll be giving three lucky winners prizes worth $2,500. If you’re one of them, you’ll get an email telling you so. And there’s no need to worry about us having your email, because we comply with all the strictest rules on storing email addresses. Don’t worry about ever receiving emails from somebody you never heard of because you gave us your address. Don’t worry, either, that we won’t delete it when you ask us to.”
“Right. There’s only one answer, then – the giveaways you’re offering aren’t worth having.”

“Ah, well, we can’t agree with that. Just look at some of the stuff you can win.”

Keyword XP Pro

Keyword XP Pro takes away the struggle of trying to work out what keywords your potential customers might be looking for. Instead, it searches for those potential customers and tells you what they are looking for. And it gives you, not just the keywords, but the all-important long-tail keywords and phrases that will mean you are found by the people you want to be found by. And our winners will get lifetime access.

SEO Rank Checker Tool

SEOPop tells you how you are doing in the unending battle to attract (and convert) more potential customers than your competitors do – and then it tells you how to do it better. Lifetime access here, too.


This is one of the best WordPress themes out there. It’s responsive, it’s almost limitlessly adaptable – and our winners will have free use of it for 12 months.

Legal Pages

It’s a mistake not to comply with the search engines’ rules on legality in things like your T&C pages, About Us pages, and many others. Google is getting tougher and tougher on this; Facebook is becoming sniffy; and Amazon Affiliates won’t want to know you. Why take that risk? Win our giveaway and you will have a year’s access to professionally constructed legal page templates.

Flipbooks are all the rage

If you want to stay abreast of the latest developments in online marketing, you need to be using flipbooks. To help you, here’s a lifetime license for ShineFlip, a flipbook creator that’s breathtaking in its simplicity and stunning in its online impact.

Mobile access exceeds desktop access. And the gap is growing

One of the things that means is that Android apps are helping switched-on marketers to pull clear of the pack. Our giveaway can give you lifetime access to Appock, the Android app builder for WordPress sites.

WordPress themes in profusion

Another of our giveaway prizes is lifetime access to a bundle of more than 140 WordPress themes. You know what a WordPress theme is – what else can we tell you?

Lost your data? Here’s how to get it back

A giveaway prize is lifetime access to Any Data Recovery PRO, an easy-to-use yet highly efficient tool to recover lost data on Windows or a Mac.

Are you using Google maps?

If you run the kind of business that people need to walk into rather than buy online, you need your website to tell them where you are. There’s no better way of doing that than by using Google Maps. Win our giveaway for lifetime access to a Google Maps widget that will embed any kind of Google map into your website – and make it equally visible on mobile, so that anyone walking the streets and looking for you can stop searching: they’ve found you!

That’s a pretty valuable collection, right? And this is a giveaway so, if you’re one of the lucky three, it won’t cost you a cent. What are you waiting for?

Sign up for our Giveaway now and you can win $2500 worth of the ultimate WebDesign,SEO & Webdevelopment tools!!


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