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The purpose of this post is to compare the Google keyword planner tool with KeywordXP Pro and explain why it’s better to use the latter than the former. But let’s start at the very beginning. Why are we so interested in keywords? Why should you be looking for keywords?

The answers to those questions go right back to the beginning of Google and the other search engines. Unfortunately, while the way the search engines work has changed enormously in the last 20 years, users’ understanding of those changes, and what they mean for advertisers, has not kept pace. The result is that:

  • A great deal of keyword research that goes on doesn’t produce the information that those using the keyword research tool need
  • The keywords that get into the keyword planner on which an online marketing campaign will be built are, too often, not the ones that should be there.

We need to examine how this happened, and what you can do about it.

In the beginning was the keyword. Anyone who wanted to find something online would use a search engine to look for it. Search engines looked for exactly what they were told to look for. So, if somebody wanted to find details of the movie, Casablanca, they’d type in “Casablanca,” and up would come a whole list of websites. Some would be about the movie, but all would have the word “Casablanca” in them. The search engines’ spiders would have recorded those URLs while crawling the Web.

So far so good. But very often that is not the way that we want to search for something. You’re chatting to a friend and one of you mentions, “That movie. You know the one.

They’re in a nightclub and the pianist plays, “Play it again, Sam.” What was the name of that movie?” And neither of you can remember. Key into Google the words, “What was the name of the movie where the pianist plays Play it again, Sam?” In the old days, you wouldn’t have got an answer.

At least, you might have got lots of answers, but “Casablanca,” the movie, would not been one of them. Why? Because those words you typed did not appear in that form in any website, and so had not been recorded. But today (and for some time now), that question would take you straight to the movie Casablanca. And it would do that even though:
a) That is not the name of the song. The song is called, “As time goes by.” “Play it again, Sam,” is a line spoken by a character in the movie – BUT
b) That isn’t the line spoken by the character at all. Everyone seems to think it is, but the line as spoken is, “Play it, Sam.”

In other words, the way search engines work has changed in some very significant ways. Google has become much cleverer at what it does. What it does is a lot closer today than it used to be to what it wants to do. And what Google wants to do is to find the answer to the question the user is asking.

What are the search engines trying to do?

That’s worth remembering. If you are selling something online, it’s a good idea to bear in mind that Google’s primary objective is not to help you find buyers. They want to help buyers find you, and people like you.

Think about that for one moment, and you’ll see that it’s obvious. Google will continue to be number one in the search engine business so long as people know that it delivers what they are looking for, even when they haven’t expressed what they are looking for with any clarity.

So, what we need to get clear in our minds is that building an online business is not just about scattering keywords around our web pages and blog posts. It’s about using the kind of keywords that people use in questions. Search questions. Explore questions like, “What was the name of the movie where the pianist plays, Play it again, Sam?”

Using the right kind of keyword research tool

What kind of keyword research tool will give you that information? Well, let’s start with one that won’t: the Google keyword planner tool won’t.

There have been many recent complaints from advertisers about the way Google’s planner tool works. The complaints are unfounded, and we’ve already explained why:
Google is out to answer search questions;
Google is not out to help one person rather than another to sell something.

So, what you need for proper keyword research is a keyword research tool that allows you to investigate how users are searching. And we’re sorry, but Google keyword planner tool isn’t it.
Let’s look at the top 10 reasons to use KeywordXP Pro.

Before we start, let’s remember that there are all sorts of metrics to test the performance of your website. Some are useless. Some provide information worth having. But, in the end, if you’re in the business of selling a product or a service online, there’s only one metric that counts: Conversion. How many visitors to your site buy while they’re there? Everything else is vanity.

1. The ability to drill down

Those questions people ask are long tail keywords. You want to find those so that you can answer them in your web pages and blog posts. (Do you need to use the actual question as a keyword? No, you don’t. Google now can work out that your website answers the question. But you won’t align your website with the question till you know what the question is. So drill down and find it).

2. Don’t just check Google

The Google keyword planner tool will tell you a lot about what people look for using Google and how they look for it. It won’t tell you anything about searches directly on Amazon, Bing, eBay, Ask and YouTube – but KeywordXP Pro will. And there are 1.5 billion searches EVERY DAY on search engines other than Google, so there’s data there that’s worth having.

3. What’s the competition doing?

KeywordXP Pro will tell you what keywords your competitors are using – and with what success. If you and your competitors both had storefronts, you’d go and look at their window occasionally, to see what they were pushing. Wouldn’t you? So do it online, too.

4. Title Suggestions

Every online copywriter worth her or his salt knows that some title formats get far more clicks than others. KeywordXP Pro will look at your keywords and line up a whole raft of suggestions for posts that are likely to be large click generators.

5. How local do you want to be?

The Google keyword planner tool knows the difference between local sales and global sales. It understands that:
A plumber probably only wants to be noticed in a geographic area close enough to call on customers;
A dentist only wants to be seen by people close enough to reach the surgery; while
A marketing consultant may be happy to take customers from anywhere in the world.

KeywordXP Pro improves on that by allowing you to narrow down, for example, by continent. Maybe you want to be seen in Europe, the Middle East, and Australasia but not in North America or Africa. (It could be because someone else has exclusivity there). Fine; you can filter out those search terms that are used where you don’t want to be seen but not where you do.

6. Ease of set-up

Setting up your keyword planner or keyword search tool can be a challenge for anyone who isn’t doing it every day. KeywordXP Pro comes with a bunch of free video tutorials covering set-up of each feature in language the non-specialist can understand.

7. Match articles to questions

With KeywordXP Pro, you can find exactly what questions people are asking. Then you can get a bunch of suggested article titles that will make instant, automatic matches when Google is looking for the site that answers the question.

8. Export the findings

When KeywordXP Pro has gathered the data for you, looking at it on that screen at that moment may not be convenient. So, export it – either in a .csv file for your spreadsheet program or to any of a bunch of applications. That way, you can process it at a time and in a way that’s convenient for you.

9. Need help? You’ve got it

KeywordXP Pro has an online help desk that you’ll find is quick to answer and understands your problem. Because:

10. KeywordXP Pro sees things your way

We began this post by explaining that Google’s primary aim is not to help you, but to help searchers find answers to their questions. Whether that leads to a sale for you or one of your competitors doesn’t matter to Google. It matters to KeywordXP Pro. You need someone whose on your side. And that’s KeywordXP Pro.

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